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Pruning the Ego

I was thinking yesterday for some reason.

I was thinking about how much more inspired I felt to write to nobody/everybody this time last year. I was remembering how it felt effortless to expound upon the music business and software as if I had anything of worth to say. Interestingly, I think I did. Interestingly, now that I ostensibly know a lot more what I’m talking about I feel a lot more reluctant to blather about it. Less confident. Why is that?

I think it has a lot to do with not...

Picking it up

Seems a shame to have this site over here, ostensibly my personal site, and not be doing anything with it. Seems a shame because so much of the last four months has been so personal. It’s been the hardest, weirdest, best, worst four months of my life so far.

I haven’t really been in-between-chapters-of-my-life for a very long time, and I now remember what it feels like. It’s why I moved back down to ATL to take some shitty job at the Guitar Center, just so I’d have something to...