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This blog began life as a chronicle of my life inside a touring band with a music/business idea. The early days were me writing about letting go of an old dream so that I could have a new one. Then it sort of turned into an autobiography of the last 8 or so years of my life - moving from the music business into the tech business, fatherhood, life and all that.

For the last 8 years I've worked with, thought about, and written about a variety of web technologies - Drupal, Rails, Linux, AWS. My LinkedIn resume is here. I still think and occasionally write about the music business and other personal things but I think it's about to turn into a blog about learning Python for web and doing "data stuff".

So welcome and please have a look around.

- Grubb, March 2016

Recent Posts

RTFM before you need to

So this is it, my week in between my old job and my new job. And I'm bored out of my mind. So I'm going to do something I've never done before - write a blog post on my phone. We'll see how this goes.

I was texting w one of my former coworkers a little earlier ...

Know Thy Elders

I'm starting a new gig in a couple weeks. I found out about the existence of the gig in the first place because I follow the guy who will be my new boss on Twitter, since he's been around the Drupal scene and very long time and following the leaders in your industry is basically one of the ...

My pipe dream for syncing files between environments


We recently migrated from using a local Drupal filesystem (Gluster) to using S3 to house our uploaded site assets. This was relatively simple, and killed at least two birds for us, metaphorically speaking. Some of my findings are chronicled in the previous post linked above.

We are loving that we don't have to worry about syncing files between ...

Knowledge Hunters

I work with a guy. He's incredibly smart. He's the seniormost developer here, and if you need to learn something new and get something large done, he's the guy to do it. We basically dropped him off in the AWS jungle and told him to learn Hadoop and the entire Hadoop ecosystem for a data warehouse project ...

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