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This blog began life as a chronicle of my life inside a touring band with a music/business idea. The early days were me writing about letting go of an old dream so that I could have a new one. Then it sort of turned into an autobiography of the last 8 or so years of my life - moving from the music business into the tech business, fatherhood, life and all that.

For the last 8 years I've worked with, thought about, and written about a variety of web technologies - Drupal, Rails, Linux, AWS. My LinkedIn resume is here. I still think and occasionally write about the music business and other personal things but lately I'm using this as a scratch pad to write about my new gig.

So welcome and please have a look around.

- Grubb, November 2016

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Who’s hiring all these B players anyway?

I read an article earlier this week about lessons learned between $5MM and $100MM in ARR. To the layperson - this means growing a small company into a larger company, as measured by its yearly revenue.

One of the points in the article (maybe more, I don’t remember) was about hiring, and it referenced the old adage

A players hire other A players. B players hire C players…

While this sounds like one of those BS businessisms that some capitalist dude came up with, I absolutely...


Been reading the Harry Potter books for a few years with the family at night, and in the middle gets introduced this thing of Dumbledore's called the "Pensieve", which is like a bowl into which Dumbledore can put his memories so he doesn't have to keep them all in his head.

I just realized I've been doing this, sort of, for the last year or so. I'm full on manager now, all I do is phones calls for the first half of any given day. I started taking notes with pen and paper sometime last...

My kids and social media

I'm working through some thoughts in my head about social media, as I've been doing since founding this blog well over a decade ago. Back then I thought it was going to be a savior of democracy in oppressed societies around the world, and we see how that's turned out.

Lately it's an issue closer to home. My kids are creators. At some point years back they got inspired by Captain Underpants and started making their own comic books. We have bookshelves full of 8 inch sketch pads from AC...

What is a "data product"?

"Run your data team like it's a product team" was a common refrain at the DBT conference for the last two years. What does that mean? I am still figuring that out, but I have had an aha in the last few weeks about what a "data product" is, exactly.

Your standard software development process requires two main components to deliver the Things - a software developer and her wits. She takes those wits and expresses them into a text editor, and thereby makes something from truly...

Another shallow musical observation

Headed to dinner last night with the fam, this song comes on (Deep Waves I think?) and my oldest says "oh, this song". Michelle, cutely, starts looking for something to like about it. I, predictably, do the opposite.

So here's the observation -

Basically all pop music these days is made exclusively on computers. Nothing wrong with that in and of itself, but what's missing is the accidental interactivity that happens when you have a group of people playing instruments and giving each...