So much to say, so much to say..

Some day I’ll write a memoir, but that day is not this day my friends. The most outwardly memorable thing I’ve done so far this summer is fly out to Oregon to the String Summit to cover for Mike Devol of Greensky. Mike had a baby a few days before, and back in the winter he called me up to see if I might be interested in covering for him on some summer festival shows. Duh, yes.

So I had several months to prepare, but not prepare so much that I got actually excited about the gig because it quite likely might not happen. It was a strange mental exercise.

I can’t even begin to recount the whole weekend here, though it was definitely worth thinking back on. Friday morning I got to judge the band contest and though they didn’t win, this band deserved to win..

Something about the line “then I’ll have my family band, make play the tunes that they don’t really understand” hit the waterworks button and it got stuck. I was seriously sobbing for about 30 minutes or so, fortunately I’d bought aviators on the way to the airport.

The whole experience was just so intensely cathartic for me, it’s not possible to express my thanks to those guys for letting me do it.