I appreciate that you’ve stopped by. I unfortunately have nothing to say about anything. I feel like I should be giving some sort of summation on the last 7 years in a band, but I don’t have anywhere near the perspective to do so yet. I also don’t feel like just blathering about technology (again) yet, as I don’t feel like I have the guns to be espousing my viewpoints on that either.

This blog might be a little static for a little while.

What I’m doing in the meantime is rewriting JohnnyGrubb.com as a Rails app. This will be my first Rails app from scratch. The Posts model (system) is pretty much done, and I, and only I, can blog away all I want. The trick is the comments model. I’ve got a commenting system in place, but what it needs is the simple little email verification and website linking tricks that all blogs have. I’ve got the database set up to receive the info, and display the info, but verifying that email addresses are in the correct format and setting the commenter’s name to link to their website, if they put that in, is a bit more of a trick. when I get it figured out, you’ll know.