Shouldn’t it be a little more like this

You’re a new user to the iBD CMS. The initial login screen is simple, clean. It has 3 fields that you need to fill in to register - Your name, your password, and your band’s name. You press the submit button and that’s it. Your new website is active. The second screen you come to asks for your Facebook login information. You enter it, and since your an admin of your bands Facebook page, you just directly imported all the data that is present on your Facebook page - that’s a bio, your tour dates, band members, any contact info, links to videos and photos, pretty much everything a website needs is automatically populated with the press of a button.

That’s cool! But wait, this bio is a little outdated. It still has the story about carving a path deep and wide. Let’s change this a little bit. And once we’re done, we press save and it’s automatically sent to Facebook, since your admin account is already linked.

Are you starting to get the picture?

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