I’ve got this relatively old Hitachi plasma TV that has been slowly going down hill for years.

It’s been doing this thing where if you turn it off, you can’t turn it back on without letting it sit there for sometimes a very long time. I can’t find the exact thread at the moment, but I found it - the one where the guy describes the exact problem I’m having, the solution, and the link to the part # on DigiKey. So I ordered it up.

I thought the bigger boys would get a kick out of it, so fired up the soldering iron last night and fixed a 4 year old problem with a 4 part.

The board in question. The capacitor on the bottom left is the bad guy. You can really see the top bulging out in this one.

I guess this part has something to do with the TV coming out of standby, and when that cap starts to go it doesn’t have the power!

The lesson here is that when you’re broke, you learn these things.