The problem I have with the world is this

It’s too friggin hard to build a good website.

I spent the better part of 2009 studying this problem. I was bummed out about RRE’s website and the fact that it was just a little too static, a little too disconnected from the rest of the internet. It was a custom built solution, and God bless you Berry for that, but I didn’t even know what that meant at that time. It took me several months of poking, prodding, and pulling my hair out before I started to get the idea.

People have been here before.

There is a thing out there called a CMS. That stands for Content Management System, and what it does is take care of the nuts and bolts behind the scenes so that you can get on with posting cool stuff. That’s what you do after all, right? Tour dates, news, pictures, it’s all just stuff. People have been putting up stuff since the dawn of the internet, so it’s not surprising that some enterprising types have tried to simplify the process. There’s just one problem.

It’s still too hard to build a friggin website.

I mean, let’s be honest raise your hand if you know what DNS is, and why you should care. Yeah. Now, if you’re not a musician, put your hand down. That’s what I thought. And that’s only one infinitely tiny little facet of a web site. Good luck with the rest. I’m a pretty driven person at this point in my life, and after banging my head on the internet wall for a year, the best I could come up with is this. I had to learn an inordinate amount of routine, sub-geek level internet crap that has nothing to do with putting up cool stuff before I could even get started. Can’t someone please just take all of this responsibility away from us musicians?