I had so much fun last night that I’m writing about it before I’ve even had a cup of coffee.

The first rule of Geek Club is:

Don’t talk about Geek Club. Actually this first rule is my own, and I’m breaking it immediately, except that I shall not refer to Geek Club by it’s true name. It took me many months of searching to find it, and I don’t want to spoil the sense of victory for you, should you be inclined to sniff out your own local chapter.

The second rule of Geek Club is:

Be prepared to practice your pitch. That’s what pretty much everybody is here for, and some of them may even try to poke holes in your idea. Sooo much fun…

The third rule of Geek Club is:

There are no NDAs. Presumably, everybody here has an idea that they’re working on, so they don’t really have time to steal your idea. That and the ideas and interests and fields that people are working in and on are sooo widely varied. I met a dude working on a project involving credit cards, a dude working on a project involving medical testing, a dude who cofounded a startup called SeatGeek, and a dude who wants to help you find fresh local food in NYC. Yes, Geek Club is a primarily, though not exclusively, male environment.

The fourth rule of Geek Club is:

Tolkien references are okay. I had this image flash in my head toward the end of the meeting of storming the gates of some castle, that castle presumably being the tech scene that I’m busting into now. So you know that scene at the end of The Two Towers where the humans are holed up in Helms Deep with the orc hoard at the gates? As my brain was almost to sleep, I figured that actually, that fortress is the music business of old, and that mongrel hoard is me and my musician buddies. And this idea that I’m working on is the big scary orc with the bomb that blows the joint to hell. And the mongrel hoard is going to win this time, come hell or high water.