See the previous chapter on installing Drupal.

Hi there, and congrats on making it this far. You should be looking at a screen that looks like this —

Drupal Welcome Screen

Congrats, you’ve just set up a website with arguably the most advanced CMS in the world!

Creating Content

This is what a Content Mnagament System is for after all. If you followed the “standard install”, then you have a couple of different choices. In Drupal parlance, these are called “Content Types” and you have two of them so far - Basic Page and Article.

So what are content types?

I like to think of content types as the “things” on your website. These can be articles on a blog site, items in your catalog on an e-commerce site, pets for adoption on the local SPCA site, or really anything that you want to post on your site. In Drupal parlance we call them “Nodes”. Node was chosen for it’s deliberate vagueness, just go with it for now. Those different types of content that you want to put on your site - blog posts, pets - are appropriately known as “content types”. You can make as many of them as you want, they’re just one way to categorize your content into the same kind of “thing”.

So let’s create a new article. Feel free to explore the admin menu, which should be visible at this point or you can just head to http://localhost:8888/node/add. That’s where we get started. I’m assuming no prior web development experience, but I am assuming that you’ve probably at least uploaded an image or two, and filled in some forms on the web before. That’s all you have to do here.

Drupal 8’s got some nice new options with some nice new polish for folks who are creating the content, but we’re not going to get into that now. Let’s get our hands dirty.

The Drupalnoobs conference

This conference will be for newcomers to Drupal and will feature lots of session about all aspects of getting started with Drupal. The sessions will be lead by experienced and established Drupal developers who will present some pretty awesome material. The sessions will be recorded and put up on YouTube somewhere, so after the conference is done we’d like to put the videos up on the website. We’d like to group all the sessions into different tracks like “design” and “business” and “completely new to all of this”.

Naturally, we need a website to hold all of this stuff so that’s what we’re going to build and hopefully come out on the other side with a bit more grounding in how to get things done with Drupal.