I am on my way to San Diego for the first Platformer meetup thing that I’ve been to since the Beforetimes, at least the first that’s not just my team. On my way to San Diego I stopped by Austin for the FinOpsX conference, an amazing little thing put on by … maybe the Linux Foundation through some other community community, idk.

Anyway, it was really amazing. Open source is just so much fun, I’m really glad that I found it all those years ago. This conference was smallish, like 400 people, but had all the open source vibes that the Drupal scene had back in the day, or the Python scene had the only time I dipped my toes in a few years back.

I’m really rather enjoying my gig these days after a long dark winter of feeling pretty hollowed out. Been doing some work and am feeling much healthier now. One of the lovely things about going to a conference or just getting outside your bubble in general is learning a little about how other companies operate.

See, here inside the bubble at Platform it seems sometimes like everything is going to take so long, and it’s so difficult coordinating all these people and their worklives. Sometimes it’s hard to see the bigger picture. One of my main takeaways is that we actually have our act together in many, many ways at Platform and one of the way in which I am most proud is in our data setup where pretty much everything we need is in a place where you can find it. Most companies don’t even have this much.

I am about to fully inherit the FinOps function here when one of my people moves on to a new gig in a few weeks, and I’m mostly pretty excited about the opportunity to remake a little part of the world here that seems to cause a couple people some stress.

So yeah, somehow data and finance are the things that are interesting to me now.