I started this blog almost 6 years ago. Looking back it was basically chronicling the beginning of the darkest years of my life. It was also, however, chronicling the beginning of the most creative years that I’ve ever had. Lot of shit went down for me 5 years ago, and being a nice round-number-type anniversary I’ve been going back over these old posts a lot lately, especially the ones where I really took a lot of time to lay it out exactly right. The creative fire is one that I wrote almost exactly 5 years ago, and it startles me now how much I knew intrinsically about the journey that lay ahead of me. It took me a couple hours and several cups of coffee in a Boulder coffee shop to transcribe that passage, by the way, prior to one of my last CO shows. You were there, IIRC.

I truly thank God for that blog post I read, wherever it was, that said something to the effect of “start a blog”.

So, my man - start a blog. I firmly believe everyone should do it. Whether it’s a thing you keep doing or not, it doesn’t matter. You are going through a rough period right now. I had no idea how close the two of you were, and my heart hurts for you reading what you wrote on *someone else’s blog*. You are of of my most intelligent musician friends (a big part of the reason I like you so much, even though we rarely get together), and I had no idea you were so articulate in print. Not that I’m surprised…

Articulate your grief more, friend. Write it down. It’s not only therapeutic to analyze how you’re feeling and why, you will be profoundly glad when this period is behind you and you can look back and truly remember exactly how you felt now. Because you wrote it down.

I love you, brother. JG