So years ago, in the early days of my HN acct, I bought a book called “Founders at work” that happened to be authored by PG’s wife Jessica Livingstone. Great book with a bunch of interviews with various founder/hero types - Woz, Evan Williams, etc.

One of the interviews with with DHH - the Rails guy. I remember him talking about how he used to write PHP and it was just too hard, and that’s how he found ruby and started building stuff with it.

So, I’ve been going through these Laravel screencasts lately. They’re very helpful, especially if I were a total noob as far as most of thes concepts go, and the architecture of Laravel is so heavily based on Rails that I pretty much know what’s coming next.

The thing about it though, is the amount of Laravel code that you have to write to do the same thing in Rails. And it’s just uglier. And it just seems like more work.

So yeah, that’s my 1 week assessment of Laravel.