Headed to dinner last night with the fam, this song comes on (Deep Waves I think?) and my oldest says “oh, this song”. Michelle, cutely, starts looking for something to like about it. I, predictably, do the opposite.

So here’s the observation -

Basically all pop music these days is made exclusively on computers. Nothing wrong with that in and of itself, but what’s missing is the accidental interactivity that happens when you have a group of people playing instruments and giving each other things to play off of. This, in my opinion, is partly why shit is so boring these days. Pull up a couple premade loops, add a bassline that’s worked a hundred times for you before, add some trite lyrics and ship it. That’s all that seems to get picked up these days, right?

The wonderful thing about playing music with people is that people are imperfect, and these imperfections are where the interesting bits come from. Everything out of a pop music computer is, by definition, predictable.