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Drupal Paragraphs - what is structured content?

So I gave a presentation at Drupaldelphia a few weeks ago about the Paragraphs module.

The Paragraphs module is my favorite Drupal module that I've come across in probably the last 5 years. It's basically Drupal's implementation of the concept of "structured content" - one of those terms that sounds so abstract that you probably feel an unconscious repulsion to even learning more about the idea, but hopefully I can help get you over that.

The problem

The problem is the dreaded body...

Git and Dropbox

I've just recently started to discover what Dropbox is really good at. I've had one for at least a year and almost never used it. The only thing I'd ever really used it for was client assets like PSDs and the like. I just discovered the Dropbox secret weapon - the symlink.

A symlink (short for symbolic link), if you don't know, is basically like a pointer to a folder/directory. It's a really nifty way to help you organize your filesystem. Say you use iTunes and for some reason you like to...