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A few things a Drupal dev should know about Ruby

Hi there, probably-front-end-dev-who's-met-and-used-Sass-and-likes-what-they-see. This is for you.


Sass is made out of Ruby - it's a very pleasant, general purpose programming language that's pretty easy to learn and like. Ruby has a package management system whereby libraries of Ruby code are bundled up into what's known as "Gems". Sass is a gem. When you install it, you get a couple of new executables to play with in the terminal, namely sass and sass-convert. The latter of...

Converting mp3s to ogg files in the background with Sidekiq and FFmpeg

I have a friend for whom I'm building a site right now, and I chose Rails to do so. I think I'll probably reach for Rails for most sites I build until I get bored of it, which isn't going to happen any time soon. I also learned a few things about different browser's implementations of HTML5 audio, which I'll get into first.

My buddy is in a band, and so part of the functionality of the site is a photo gallery, and another part is a music player. Whereas in the past I'd have just reached...

Migrating the blog from Drupal to Jekyll

Reasons for leaving Drupal, a preamble

I'd had this website on Drupal since some time in July. If you look through the archives, you'll notice a relative dearth of posts from this time period. Drupal just has a way of sucking all the fun out of blogging. It's very, very slow for one thing. I had a lot of trouble integrating the site with the Disqus comment system that handled all of my Wordpress comments before I made the move so I was forced to use Drupal's comment system. I'd written...