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Easy markdown and syntax highlighting in Django

Hi there, I'm new to Django. I love the contributed ecosystem, but all of the options that I found there for dealing with Markdown were just too heavy. I didn't need a Wysiwyg editor, I just wanted an output filter. As it turns out this is exceptionally easy to do!

Python has a really amazing lib situation, so I just found the smallest python Markdown lib that I could, it's called "mistune". Do a pip install mistune.

So within your app, let's call it "blog", create a directory called...

Goodbye Rails, Hello Django

So here it is. The last version of this blog - a Rails frontend to a Postgres backend - actually stood for almost 2 and a half years. I think that's probably a record.

In keeping with my decided new theme for this blog however, I've decided to rewrite the thing in Django. Not that you can't google it yourself, but Django is (at a high level) basically the Python version of Rails. Actually, it's basically the Python version of every MVC web framework. It's been around for 10 years, so...