postgres Posts from scratch - PostgreSQL

Hi there and welcome back to Platform from scratch. Today we're going to take a very simple Laravel application that will make use of Postgres on the backend as a database.

The complete example application can be found here -

The very first step of this will be to add in the appropriate .platform/services.yaml file. This file was left intentionally empty in the setup for this Laravel application, as we didn't have a need for a working...

Resetting postgres sequences

I recently rebuilt this site (again, I think this is v9 now) into Rails and Postgres. I was moving out of Drupal, so there was a significant downsizing of the database, and some pretty painless migration of the data. Once again, I used the Sequel gem to write the migration script to pull out the posts and related data that gets scattered hither and yon in Drupal's database. That was the easy part.

I did all of this over a period of about two weeks and it was joyous, painless, and fun. I...

Homebrew Postgres install issues, Mac OS X server

The program "postgres" was found by "/usr/local/Cellar/postgresql/9.2.4/bin/initdb"
but was not the same version as initdb.

I've been battling this for the last couple of hours, trying to figure out why I can't make Postgres run as easily on my desktop as I did on my laptop. Homebrew took care of it all, just leaving me with the agony of taking off the MySQL training wheels to figure out this new and scary Postgres admin syntax.

So I uninstalled the Homebrew version and went to the...