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On Beta "invites"

This is currently in regards to the Atom editor that I dutifully filled out an "invite" request for. It could be about anything, though. I get this same feeling every time.

It takes me right back to high school gym class and waiting to get picked for a team. And waiting. And waiting. And God this is embarrassing, will somebody please fucking pick me already?

This is a piece of software that you install on your computer. Not a Saas thing that'll buckle under the weight of too many...

Dear blog

I've been so busy lately that I forgot to wish you a happy birthday yesterday. I'm sorry. I thought today was yesterday, and I really have been looking forward to this day, er yesterday, for a while now.

We've both been through a hell of a lot in the last five years, I seriously can't believe it's been that long. You were born in the RRE tour bus between Stroudsburg and Easton on our way to play the GA Theater (the old one!). You only stayed in Blogger for all of a week before I whisked...

Big Sky Big Grass

I totally forgot to take any pics of the shows, but I got some good mountain shots.

Toward the base

Bottom of the tram

Bottom of the tram. Yes, I skied that shit.

Top of the tram

Waiting for Thorn to come up the next tram.

The Michael Daves story

Did Telluride last year. 'Twas a blissfully awesome return, particularly since a year earlier I thought my music career was over.

So they pick all us rockstars up at the Montrose airport. I waited around for a bit because the other dude that was getting picked up (who turned out to be Michael Daves) got in about 30 minutes after I did. He showed up and I was getting ready to walk out of the airport when somebody called my name. I turned around to see an old neighbor of mine from Boone, who...

Numero Uno

To speak into the void.

So I've had this idea simmering on the front burner of my brain for several months now. But first, I should probably introduce myself, or do a bio, or something. Maybe this will take several parts, because I've never tried to write a bio, and I feel like I've done a good job living unconventionally with my first 30 years here...

I was born in ATL, Georgia, that is. No brothers or sisters. Great parents. Always totally behind me for some reason. I got pretty...