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Building a drop down menu from scratch

Dropdown menus may seem like something that falls under the "solved problem" category, but they can be surprisingly tricky. Tutorials that you find online will usually walk you through a very simple example that assumes markup that you never have. This will not be that. We're going to talk about the theory behind building a drop down so that you can better reason your way through the mess of markup that you're given.

If you're working with Drupal and your requirements are outside the...

Hex values, rgb, and me

One of the first discoveries I ever made in web development was that CSS hex values that were all the same number would always give me some shade of grey. #444 was dark, almost black. #ccc was light, perfect for form borders. Not long after I discovered that Photoshop wouldn't accept these values and would make me type in all 6 characters - #444444, #cccccc.

Sometime after that I discovered how to tap into a shade somewhere between #eee and #fff, just a barely perceptible off-white with...

Weaning off of jQuery animations with CSS Transitions

I've recently finished up a project here at the job that gave me a blank check as far as writing the front end code was concerned. It was among the most blissful Drupal projects I've ever worked on, as my boss did all of the Drupal stuff, and I wrote all the code. It was heaven.

So, there were a lot of requests for some cool javascript features, and rather than reaching for the plugin drawer, I decided to write most of them from scratch. The main feature pages are mostly like this. The...