So where was I? Oh yeah:

I am not an expert. I will spout endlessly as though I am, and often I will be right in my own mind, but often I will also be full of crap. Never has this made me more uncomfortable than now, since I just followed a link trail over to the website of a UK music website called the Guardian. I'm quoted over there, courtesy of a new buddy named Tim who is apparently in a kindred band to my own. So I felt excited and frightened as one must feel the first time that he realizes people are reading (and propagating) his drivel.

I am a musician. I have had a full and remarkably balanced set of life experiences so far, but everything that I write on this blog is an opinion, unless otherwise stated. Quote me at our mutual peril. If I write about perceived stupidity in the music business, odds are good that I can back it up. If I write about software, I don't have much of an idea what I'm actually talking about. That's the point of this blog for me - the exploration of new methods and ideas. So carry on...