The absolute bare minimum you need to know on the command line


GUIs change, but the command line is eternal. Memorize these 5 commands and a long and happy life awaits.

$cd change directory. This is how you move around the file system. $ls List, or tell me what's in this directory. This has a huge list of useful modifying flags, such as -l (long, tell me the size, ownership, and permissions on each thing in here too), or -a (all, as in, show me hidden dotfiles as well) $mv Move, this is how you move something from here to there. This is also how you rename something even if it's in the right place. $cp Copy. Add -r to make it recursive, else it won't copy directories because it won't descend into them. $pwd Not sure what this stands for off the top of my head (something working directory), but this is how you get it to tell you where you are in the file system.