Plans, plans, plans.


I think I'd better start writing them down. My list of things that I want to accomplish on the RRE website is only getting longer as I tick off more of the major infrastructure aspects of the site. Luckily the foundation of the site seems to be stable enough and the initial reaction was pleased if not excited. I think everyone is willing to cut some slack, which is good. So. The list...

Media page - needs attention. The media player is slack, the photos are non-existant and the entire look just needs some style. CSS will take care of some of it, but making something more of the audio player is going to be necessary. I've been poking and prodding at the Tumblr API to see if I can get it to provide the simple functionality while taking the burden of hosting and updating the actual audio off of our host. Their API is pretty cool, too. If I can just figure out how to write a function that will hit the RRE Tumblr page and just pull off the audio for this page and the photos for that page, and then parse the XML results so that I don't ever have to do a thing except upload stuff to Tumblr and have that update the RRE site automatically, well that'd be cool as shit.

Tour page - Needs CSS to be more legible, less cluttered. This whole thing was built with tables, which still obey CSS, right? Complete noob, here...

The artwork - Yes, the artwork. I'm gonna try my all to make this happen myself, since the only way I learn these coding things is to make myself figure them out. The pressure is gentle for the time being, but I have a feeling if any more than a couple of weeks go by without some art getting up there I'm gonna hear all about it. Luckily I have ideas and help.

Band bios - The pages exist. Actually, if you really wanna know what's going on in my head as it happens you might wanna check out the Sitemap. This is sort of like a map for Google and other search engines to follow so they can have a rough clue about what is on your site and how much of it there is without crawling every single page every single visit. It also is a good thing to do for SEO.

By the way, search engine traffic has increased 10 fold in the last week.